Any Interesting Facts About the Controversial Reality Show Bigg Boss

We spoke with actor and poet Priya Malik, who was also a participant on Bigg Boss season 9, on the 3rd anniversary of HerZindagi. Our viewers offered some intriguing questions to the former Bigg Boss competitors about the chaotic house, and here are some of the responses. Read more about Bigg Boss 15 Live.

How Are Celebrity Contestants Chosen?

Season 9 of the show, according to Priya Malik, was an all-celebrity season, with the production staff determining who should be a part of it. She also disclosed that she had previously competed in Big Brother, which led to her appearance on Bigg Boss. She also claimed that when it comes to celebrities, the producers only chose individuals that are controversial, well-known, or opinionated.

What Happens During the Commoner Audition?

She added that during the commoner’s season auditions, participants are invited to discuss a variety of topics, including what makes them angry. Before making a judgment, the team evaluates each contestant’s strengths and faults. Priya Malik claims that the squad needs to know what the candidate would offer to the show. The crew is searching for persons with a wide range of characteristics who can collaborate to put on a fantastic show. She continued by saying that there is no way to get into the auditions; all one needs to do is be themselves.

Who is responsible for keeping the Bigg Boss House tidy? In the kitchen, who is in charge?

Another intriguing Bigg Boss house tip was shared by Priya Malik. Many people believe that celebrities do not work inside their homes and that cleaning teams are sent inside by the production. This is not the case, however. Former Bigg Boss contestant Priya Malik claimed that they not only cook but also clean bathrooms. She went on to remark that because celebrities don’t usually work from home, it’s common for people to be irritated within the house.

Is it possible for the candidates to bring their own food?

Priya Malik went on to explain that they don’t get food from outside and that during the weekend episodes of Bigg Boss, they only get food from Salman Khan’s residence. She said that, in addition to biryani, all of the participants were served other wonderful meals such as aloo gosht and karela gosht. As a result, the contestants are only obliged to cook food for the weekend episodes.

Who is responsible for the make-up?

Shefali Bagga, a Bigg Boss 13 participant, told us earlier this week that no beauty or hair professionals are allowed inside the Bigg Boss facility. The participants do their own hair and makeup even on weekend episodes.

Is There a Secret Room in Salman Khan’s Residence?

Salman Khan’s chalet, which is next to the Bigg Boss building, was recently leaked online. The photographs show Salman Khan’s apartment, personal gym, and sitting area.

Is Bigg Boss a skewed reality show?

One of the most often requested questions. The show is not set, according to Shefali Bagga, who told us in an interview. She revealed that the competitors fight about a wide range of concerns, including food, laundry, and personal matters. She also disclosed that only an hour of their day is shown to the public, and that it is largely made up of battles, but that the show is not rigged. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Without a doubt, Bigg Boss is our favorite reality program, and we can’t seem to get enough of it! Bigg Boss 14 has been on the air for nearly a month, and we’re all hooked. Do you like this season of the show? Which competitor is your personal favorite? Let us know what you think in the comments! Keep an eye out for more Bigg Boss 14 news!


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